Assignment 1: Reflections

Self-reflection is good for personal growth and improvement. It can help us understand our patterns, tendencies or assumptions about the world by asking us to be critical of our ourselves and our views. Thus, you will complete three reflections over the course of the semester – roughly at the beginning, middle and end of the semester.

Reflection 1 | Reflection 2 | Reflection 3

All reflections will be published to the blog and must be categorized as ‘Reflections’.

Reflection 1: The Urban at 1st Glance
Due Friday 9/8/11*

I would like you to walk around the city for at least one hour. As you walk, and afterwards, contemplate what we mean by poverty and affluence and the different factors that contribute to both. Think about what you think causes inequality. Why do we have rich and poor people – how can we explain this? What causes poverty? What causes wealth? As you walk, take notes and pictures that help you remember what you were thinking and seeing while you were walking.

In your post, please write:

1- Where you walked so we can envision where you are when you’re contemplating this prompt.

2- To the best of your knowledge at this moment in time, write a cohesive summary addressing the following questions: What is inequality and why does it exist in society today – in 2017? What makes someone rich and someone poor? (This is not interpretive – don’t say, happiness makes someone rich – I am specifically asking about financial wealth and poverty). What causes wealth and what causes poverty? What is the difference between someone who is rich and someone who is poor? Please don’t say economic resources or money – how does one become rich or poor? What other factors influence the economic resources (or money) they have at their disposal?

Option 1. Type your response is a Word Document (or similar word processor) and email to me ( by 12midnight on Friday 9/8/17.

Option 2: CHALLENGE: For 2 extra credit points to be added to your midterm exam, paste your response into a document in your google drive and share the document with me ( by 12midnight on Friday 9/8/17.

By 12midnight on Tuesday 9/12/17 I would like you to post your reflection to the blog. The blog should include:

  1. An unique, appropriate title.
  2. At least one image into your post
  3. Select two categories:
    1. Reflection 1
    2. Group #
  4. Add 3 tags that identify the themes in your post.


Reflection 2: Mid-semester Assessment
Due Friday 10/20/17, 12midnight

Go back to your initial reflection and read through it. Think about what you knew then, and what you know now, and what you expect to learn over the 2nd half of the semester.

Write a short 250-500 word post that addresses the following questions:

  1. Reflect on what you’ve learned. What ideas have matured and deepened and what has changed?
  2. What your thoughts and opinions on what you’ve been learning? What makes sense to you? What are you struggling to accept?
  3. What questions about urban inequality do you hope we answer in the 2nd half of the semester.

Due by 12midnight on Friday 10/27/17. To submit, please write these in a google doc and share your google doc with me (


Reflection 3: The Urban at 2nd Glance
Due Friday 12/8/17, 12midnight

[description forthcoming]


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