Assignment 3: Poverty Debate


For this assignment, students will work in groups to compose a debate about why poverty exists in the United States. However, rather than writing from their own perspectives, the debate involve three debaters arguing from the three perspectives of poverty that we discuss in class – poverty as pathology, poverty as accident/incident and poverty as structure. Students will have two opportunities to meet with each other in class to prepare.

On Wednesday 9/6/17 we will work as a class and in groups to clarify the three perspectives.

On Monday 9/18/17 groups will have time to work together to compose their debates.

The detailed draft of the assignment can be found here –> Assignment, Poverty Debate

DUE: The assignment should be submitted to Professor Hackett by 12midnight on Tuesday 9/19/17. To submit, students will share the google doc with Professor Hackett.


  • Group work
  • Using digital technologies to coordinate group project
  • Using empirical evidence to support (or critique) theoretical perspectives


Points of Assessment Points Earned Comments

-Assignment is on time (1)

-Assignment is saved and shared through Gdrive (1)

-All three poverty perspectives are addressed (1)

For each perspective:

-Theoretical statement on stance (3)

-Empirical/real-world examples used to support stances (3)

-Solutions that align with each stance (3)




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