Task for Wednesday 8/30/17

Image Source: Pixabay

For Wednesday’s class, I’d like you to (try to) set-up your Qwriting account and your QC Gdrive account. If you have issues, please make specific notes about what issues you encountered so we can address them on Wednesday in class. Screen shots are helpful if there is a serious issue. Please keep track of your passwords so you don’t have trouble re-accessing this account, as each of them are critical to your success in this course.


      1. Qwriting also has instructions here. No need to set up a personal blog (unless you want to. I’m also asking that you set up an account.
      2. The QC Center for Teaching & Learning has information here about ‘claiming your GDrive’.

This information is also (always) available under ‘Resources’ on our course site (see here).

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