In Preparation for Wednesday 9/6/17 Meeting

Image Source: Pixabay
  1. Syllabi – Printer was broken. They’ll be coming next Wednesday.
  2. Our next meeting is WEDNESDAY 9/6/17 – NO CLASS on Monday 9/4/17. See our week-by-week schedule to see what readings you have due that day. There is one that you need to access via blackboard, FYI.
  3. Reflection 1 is due Friday 9/8/17. Please manage your time effectively so you can be sure to get this done. Remember, you must accommodate a one hour tour around a part of the city, plus time to do a 500 word write-up on what inequality, poverty and wealth means/is and how it is produced.
  4. If you haven’t already, please claim your QC Drive and access your Qwriting accounts (see here for information). For those have difficulty with the latter, I will email the IT Tech, and see if he can get you set up.
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