In Preparation for Monday 9/11/17

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  1. Check Blog assignments – your name should be there 4 times. If it is not, come talk to me.
  2. Assignment 1 is due by Friday – you should share your google doc with me. There are instructions in this guide (found on our resources page under ‘Posting to the Blog’) that will help you. If you can not figure this out, then you can email me, but please try to share it first.
  3. There is no reading for Monday – we will be talking about the Blogging assignment and getting an introduction to WordPress.
  4. If you have not been able to access Qwriting, make sure you have talked to me, or have emailed me. You will need to post assignment 1 on Monday evening, so you will need access.
  5. Wednesday (9/13/17) is a heavy reading day. Please plan accordingly!
  6. On Wednesday (9/6/17) you were introduced to the Poverty Debate assignment. You will have the whole class period on 9/18/17 to work on it with your group, but the readings for next Wednesday (9/13/17) will be helpful, so take notes with this assignment in mind!
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