Update 9/25/17

  1. Grades have been posted. You can find these through Blackboard.
    1. Some of you commented late and I gave you the okay to do that. If you did that and you want credit for this, you need to email me the URL of the post your commented on so I can go and read your comment and give you credit.
  2. Commenting grade – I am only using one column here. Each week you comment you will get a +1. By the end of the semester you should have 10 points here.
  3. Who’s posting this week? See here!
  4. Next week, there are two blogging topics on the docket – ‘low-wage work and welfare’ and ‘globalization and privatization’.
    1. NOTE: Some of you are signed up for both topics and are expected to post on both topics by midnight on Friday.
    2. NOTE: I’d like everyone to also comment at least 2 times (1x per topic).
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